Air Plasma


There are some jobs where a precision cut is less important than one that is more economical. Take the logging industry, for instance.

Cutting the aluminum stakes that help keep logs safely on the truck bed doesn’t require the ultimate precision cut. They just need to work. So an entry-level plasma machine is perfect in this situation. It helps keep the load in place and saves on system costs.

Auto-Cut XT systems are excellent, cost-effective machines for cutting gauge material up to 2" plates and are available in 200 & 300 Amp packages. The systems are built for the toughest environments and designed to run at a low cost of operation. Auto-Cut XT power supplies can also be run with a variety of plasma gases, such as air for mild steel. The A-Series family (A40, A60, A80 and A120) also offers excellent cut quality in a lightweight, economical package featuring a premium single gas, air plasma torch.

When you need to keep system costs down, select Thermal Dynamics® Automation. Air plasma is just one of the many True Solutions for precision cutting found in the Thermal Dynamics Automation product line.

  • Designed to run at a low cost of operation
  • Excellent cuts using air plasma
  • Unmatched in the Auto-Cut XT class on mild steel, and on stainless steel and aluminum
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Simple set-up and user-friendly gas console
  • Quick-change consumable design
  • Microprocessor controlled for the best cut quality
  • Typical System: Auto-Cut 200 XT, 300 XT or A-Series A40i, A60i, A80, A120
  • Power supply
  • Torch leads
  • Torch installation starter kit
Air plasma side bar