HIGH Precision Cutting for Mild Steel


Precision Mild SteelFor fabricators of all sizes, cutting steel is their most common job, and this applies to every industry, including shipbuilding.

In order to get a ship ready to face the harsh challenges of the ocean, the steel used in construction must be cut with the highest precision possible. That way, they will be ready to face anything the ocean can throw at them.

UC Series high precision plasma systems offer the highest degree of precision available for mild steel today. When used with the XTremeLife™ or Ultra-Cool™ consumables, you can maintain the highest cut performance and the longest part life.

High precision cutting of mild steel uses oxygen plasma and an air shield. The oxygen plasma cuts faster and eliminates contamination in the cut. Oxygen plasma cuts are both more precise and weld ready, with little or no dross, eliminating costly follow-up.

For high precision cuts in mild steel, use Thermal Dynamics®. UC Series high precision mild steel cutting is just one of the many Solutions for precision cutting found in the Thermal Dynamics product line.

  • Smooth, contamination-free cut surface
  • Minimal top edge rounding
  • ISO 9013 range 3 or better
  • Dross-free cut surface
  • Typical System: UC Series 131, 201, 301, 401
  • XTremeLife or Ultra-Cool consumable part
High Precision Mild Steel