August 14, 2017

2017 is the 60th anniversary of Thermal Dynamics. Since plasma pioneers James Browning and Merle Thorpe incorporated Thermal Dynamics in 1957, our cutting-edge experience has been evident in every product. Whether you're looking for automated or manual plasma systems, integrated support or high quality consumables and accessories, Thermal Dynamics brings innovation and performance to every solution.

The story of Thermal Dynamics began in 1953, when Dartmouth College Professors James Browning and Merle Thorpe developed their first plasma spray torch, the F-40 in their garage located in Wilder, Vermont. The pioneering work of the founders focused on developing a high-temperature, electric arc metalizing torch. This design created a plasma arc jet twice as hot as the sun's surface, introducing inert gases to the arc jet coupled with constricting and stabilizing it resulted in a high intensity, high energy density arc that allowed the torch to cut metal like butter.

Thermal Dynamics designed and built several very high power research systems for the NASA space program. These systems were used by NASA to simulate re-entry conditions for Project Mercury and other space project.

In 1968 Browning sold his interest to Bradley Dewey. Browning continued to use his knowledge of plasma to make contributions to science. In 1977, he developed the "Thermoblast", a high temperature rocket drill that he used to pierce Antarctica's 1,400 foot-thick Ross Ice Shelf so scientists could study the water underneath.

A History of Innovation

Thermal Dynamics boasts a long list of industry firsts, including the first "botton" type water-cooled electrode in 1961, the first Dual Flow design plasma cutter in 1962, and the introduction of plasma gouging in 1990.

Our Water Mist Secondary (WMS) Technology was first introduced in 1981 with the launch of the PAK-45. WMS allows for higher cut speeds, lower operating costs and excellent cut quality on stainless steel and aluminium, using a nitrogen plasma gas and ordinary tap water as the shield. Thermal Dynamics invented this technology and have continued to refine and innovate plasma cutting of non-ferrous metals to this day. The latest WMS technology is now available on our High Precision Ultra-Cut XT plasma systems.

We Remain at the Forefront of Plasma Technology

2017 sees the launch of several new products from Thermal Dynamics. A new range of best-in-class 200A O2 consumables for Ultra-Cut XT systems provides a significant boost to parts life when cutting mild steel. The forthcoming Schweissen & Schneiden exhibition in September will see the launch of the next generation iCNC Performancee which brings the latest integrated CNC technology to low-cost applications, and the next generation A40i and A60i systems which offer outstanding air-plasma performance and marking capabilities in a compact package.