Thermal Dynamics Launches Improved 200 Amp HeavyCut Consumables For Ultra-Cut XT Systems

March 2, 2017

Ultra-Cut XT systems deliver premium precision plasma cutting on mild steel, even at higher thicknesses using HeavyCut technology to deliver extraordinary parts life and cut quality. Previously limited to 300 Amps and above, HeavyCut is now available for 200A oxygen plasma applications to provide improved cut quality and substantially longer parts life than the previous 200A consumables setup.

To start cutting with HeavyCut at 200A, simply replace the existing 200A electrode with the new 200A HeavyCut electrode. All other torch consumables and cutting parameters remain the same.

The new 200A electrode features multiple hafnium inserts which more than doubles the parts life of not only the electrode, but of the tip and shield cap as well, allowing you to lower your cutting costs and increase productivity by minimising downtime needed to replace used consumables.

New Part Number:       21-1075         HeavyCut electrode, O2, 200A

Make the switch to the 200A HeavyCut electrode today, and improve your mild steel cutting.

200 Amp HeavyCut Cycle time graphHeavyCut elec0trode with multiple Hafnium inserts