Integrated Controller


There are plenty of reasons to update to a new CNC.                   

Maybe an existing system is failing too often and repairs are beginning to get expensive. Maybe it needs additional memory for your increasingly complex programs. Or, your facility needs more sophisticated CAD capabilities. So, when a leading American steel producer needed to update their CNC, they came to Thermal Dynamics® for help.                                     

Integrated Controls CNCA state-of-the-art Integrated Controller offers high precision cutting performance, as well as exceptional ease of use. A high precision UC Series  Auto Gas plasma system uses the iCNC systems and an integrated precision Torch Height Control to provide a single controller point for all plasma and motion parameters.

The Thermal Dynamics iCNC Performance® has a 15" TFT, high resolution flat panel touch screen equipped with dual microprocessor technology for true multi-tasking. Operators gain unparalleled ease of use with the unique ergonomics, a single point of plasma control and motion and torch height control. Cut parameters are embedded in the system, so operators can select from a menu of routine cut programs that are automatically applied to optimize cut procedures for the selected material.

For precision CNC controller, select Thermal Dynamics. Adding Integrated Controller to your cutting system is just one of the many True Solutions for precision cutting found in the Thermal Dynamics product line.

  • Quick, easy set up and process selection
  • Quick, automatic switching between marking and cutting
  • One control screen for all process functions
  • Cut parameters are embedded in the controller
  • Integrated Torch Height Controller with optional built-in collision sensor
  • Network capable for part design, file downloads and technical support
  • Typical System: UC Series 131, 201, 301, 401
  • The iCNC Performance® includes Micro CAD software for creating and modifying cut programs, as well as direct download capability for DXF files
  • Software options include nesting tools, productivity tools, an HVAC user interface and Diameter PRO™ precision hole technology (ethernet capability is a standard feature)
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