Plasma Marking

Having the correct part makes all the difference.                   

When the leading distributor for most major brands of tank trailer components needs to mark their parts, they rely on the Thermal Dynamics® UC Series system. Many parts look the same and yet are completely different, such as a left and right bumper mount. That’s when it’s up to plasma marking to help identify the proper plates and parts necessary to make a solid.

UC Series systems are capable of plasma marking on mild steel and non-ferrous materials. In order to get solid markings, argon is used to produce a clean, clear line, which is easy to read and will remain visible indefinitely

Plasma marking uses the same consumable parts as the cutting process, so no consumable part changes are necessary. You can even switch seamlessly from marking to cutting on the same part with no operator intervention. All this is done on a fully-automated UC Series system controlled by a XT CNC with embedded process parameters. This leads to faster cycle times and more productive cutting which helps our customers get their trucks on the road,keeping the economy moving forward.

For precision parts marking, select Thermal Dynamics. Marking is just one of the many Solutions for precision cutting found in the  Thermal Dynamics product line.


  • Automatic Gas Control system uses argon for marking, minimizing the purge cycle between marking and cutting
  • Faster cycle times
  • Ideal on all materials—mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Clean, clear lines for easy identification and readability
  • No consumable parts change between cutting and marking


  • Typical System:UC Series 131, 201, 301, 401
  • Fully-automated system is necessary
  • Available with all UC Series plasma cutting systems


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