Precision Cutting for Aluminum & Stainless Steel


Racing trailer manufacturers have decided to stop going round and round with other plasma cutters.                   

Race teams buy transport trailers made of aluminum because they are lighter weight, which allows their team to safely add several hundred more pounds of gear onto their trailers on race day. That’s reason enough why trailer manufacturers have chosen Thermal Dynamics® Water Mist Secondary™ precision cutting technology to get the job done right.   

High Precision non ferrousWater Mist Secondary offers the best plasma cut quality possible on stainless and aluminum. It is a low cost solution, as well. By using N2/H20 instead of H35/N2 gas, the expense of gas is reduced, cut speed is increased, and distortion and the heat-affected zone are minimized. The result is a clean, dross-free and nitrate-free cut surface that’s ready to weld, form and paint.

How does Water Mist Secondary technology work? During the cutting process, the water in the shield stream is divided into its principal components—hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen creates a reduced atmosphere in the cut zone, isolating it from contaminants at a much lower cost per foot than other cutting processes. Since it uses normal tap water, Water Mist Secondary also reduces production costs and keeps overall energy usage to a minimum.

For high precision cut quality on non-ferrous materials, select  Thermal Dynamics. Water Mist Secondary is just one of the many True Solutions for precision cutting found in the Thermal Dynamics product line.


Effect of N2 and H20

  • Lowest operating cost
  • Cut speeds up to 3x faster than H35 plasma
  • Dross-free and oxide-free cut edges
  • Small heat-affected zones and less distortion
  • Typical System: UC Series 131, 201, 301, 401 or Auto-Cut® 200 XT, 300 XT
  • Water supply at min. of 55 psi and 10 GPH, hardwater will leave mineral deposits, a standard water softening filter will prevent deposits
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