Robotics and Beveling


A leading American motorcycle manufacturer was looking for a robot that could precisely cut the steel that defines the classic look of their bikes.

Only Thermal Dynamics® robotics could deliver the right cut because our XTR™ Robotic Torch offered the accuracy and performance they demanded.

Smaller, lighter and with optimized consumable parts, the XTR Robotic Torch installs easily to a robot without any loss of accuracy or performance. This torch is designed with built-in torch leads that offer reduced weight, flexibility and robustness, which makes it extremely durable in repeated articulated motions. Both the consumable parts and torch body are engineered to precisely lock into place for absolute alignment, and to remain perfectly positioned cut after cut.

Robotics and bevelingThe UC Series system is also capable of extremely precise and powerful bevel cutting. Due to specifically engineered consumable parts, it can bevel cut 2" plate at 45°. The torch leads are extremely flexible and protected by a Kevlar® sleeve to stand up to high intensity automated bevel headcutting applications.

Robots offer cost and performance advantages for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. UC Series with the XTR Robotic Torch is the best tool for robotic or bevel head cutting. So next time you see a bike cruising down the interstate, know that Thermal Dynamics was the choice this company made to ride along with them.

For precision robotics and beveling, select Thermal Dynamics. Robotics and Beveling are just a few of the many True Solutions for precision cutting found in the Thermal Dynamics product line.

  • Short torch mounting tube for improved articulation and ease of access
  • Specifically engineered profile/bevel cutting consumable parts for accuracy and flexibility
  • Light and flexible, robust torch leads
  • Torch mounting index marks for precise torch positioning
  • Consumables starting at 15A
  • Typical System: UC Series 131, 201, 301, 401
  • Torch positioning tool for point-to-point programming
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